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I’m passionate about helping others to achieve their health and fitness goals and love to see how being more active can transform lives; physically in terms of improved health and mobility, as well as mental wellbeing and self-confidence.

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Based in Elstead, I’m Mum to two teenage girls and two dogs! I understand very well the challenge of juggling a busy work and home life whilst trying to find the motivation and time to focus on your own well-being.

Whilst I wasn’t your typical sporty child, being active, fit and strong have always been important to me. Having spent much of my early working career in desk based roles, which significantly contributed to an ongoing back complaint, it wasn’t until I hit 40 that I decided to retrain and become a Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor.

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I haven’t looked back and have grown my business gaining further qualifications along the way. I enjoy working with a wide variety of clients who come to me for a variety of reasons including: to embarking on a new fitness journey; to regain strength and mobility post-injury or surgery or simply to add a new focus or improve performance for someone with an already active lifestyle.

I recently completed a course with Menopause Movement, to improve my understanding of changing hormones and learn how to integrate this knowledge with personal training and group classes. I’m looking forward to working with women as they negotiate their way through the challenges that menopause can bring.

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- Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates

- HFC (accredited by YMCA)

- Pilates for Kids & Teens (APPI)

- Pilates for Healthy Hips (APPI)

- Menopause Movement – Professional Development Training

Premier Training International:

- Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training & Fitness Instruction

- Level 2 Diploma in Fitness Instruction

- Studio Cycling Instruction
- Level 2 Award in Instructing Kettlebells

- Level 2 Award in Instructing Circuits

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Whether you’re coming to me for group training or one to one sessions, safety is paramount. Where needed and with your permission, I will liaise with healthcare professionals so that exercises are adapted to suit the individual and taking any injuries specific injuries or contraindications into consideration. I regularly update my skills and knowledge through additional training courses and workshops to ensure I’m up to date on recent advice or recommendations.

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